This is a work of fiction. Characters, places, and events are wholly of the author’s imagination. Don't try this at home.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Perfect Husband

He loves Mexico and Dogs.

He cooks and cleans.

He longs for bondage and pain.

He is expert with his tongue.

He looks good in bra and panties.

He thrives on public humiliation.

He accepts being humiliated in front of his family.

His asshole opens for my fist.

He never, ever experiences orgasm.

He thanks me after licking my lovers cum from my body.

He makes me laugh.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disciplining Me

Last time we were together I was a bad girl, broke one of Daddy's rules.

I'm supposed to ask Daddy's permission before I cum, last time I forgot.  Twice.

Daddy says that I did it on purpose, that I was testing him.

I write this missive with marks on my ass because last night Daddy punished me with his belt for my forgetfulness.

He told me to strip then bent me over the back of the sofa.  The sound of him pulling his belt out of its loops was amazing, instantly I was flooded with fear and desire, both in equal measure.  Without warning or warm-up my punishment began.

I was very squirmy and whiny but it was OK, Daddy was able to hold me down, and keep my hands away from my ass with one of his big hands, while wielding his punishing belt with the other.

The pain was intense, more than I like, but Daddy says that's what happens to bad girls.

I must confess that I think my pussy looks amazing when I'm bent over.  It peeks out from between my legs, a warm invitation.  I think that Daddy liked the view while standing behind me because as soon as my punishment was over he stepped up to me, spread my legs, and plunged himself deep into me.

I didn't forget to ask his permission before I let my orgasm go.

Thank you Daddy!

Fantasies In Fantasyland

Most expats in Puerto Vallarta are older; generally well off people who have decided to retire in one of the world's most beautiful and comfortable places.

That could beg the question, what's a young single woman with an amazing sex drive to do?

Well, I have to say, it helps to have loads of Daddy fantasies!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Insight Into What Makes Me Tick

I learned a very long time ago that I'm a greedy slut.

I would much rather force a massive and painful plug into my ass than sit comfortably upon a smaller one.

That should serve as a warning to those who might seek submission to me.

How This Blog Will Work

I want this blog to be a place of interaction.  You, the reader are to have an important role.

It's simple really; just tell me your fantasy.

Write to me at:

authoratrix at gmail dot com

Tell me your fantasy; tell me how you want to use me, or how you want to be used by me.

If I like your fantasy, I'll reply.

If I really like your fantasy I'll post it anonymously here on the blog, expand it with you, interact within it with you.  We will have a truly delightful time exploring your fantasy together.

If I love your fantasy I'll touch myself as I read it, touch myself as you would want me to do were you with me, watching me.  If it is so amazingly good that I cum screaming as I read, then we need to talk, because we should get together if you ever make it to my corner of paradise.

I want to hear from you, I want to explore your fantasy, whatever it is, you can not shock me.  I'll be looking forward to your email; in the meantime I remain your very imaginative girl.

Some More About Me

I'm a woman of diverse pleasures.  A switch, it doesn't matter to me how power flows between myself and a lover, what is important is that it does flow, powerless and powerful, predator and prey.

I wonder, should I make you my chastity boy?  I'd lock your cock away, cuckold you, laugh as you lick another man's cum from my body.
Should you put me on my knees, fill my cunt, violate my ass, force me to swallow every drop of your cum, your piss?

I must also confess that I love boys and girls.  I even love boys who dress as girls and other delightful gender play.  I'd never want my pleasure limited by gender.

Are you a beautiful woman?  Should I take you over my knee, warm your ass; spank you for acting like a slut?
Will you dominate me, sit upon my face, relish my tongue on your clit, in your ass?

I hope that you will tell me your pleasure, let me be your fantasy.


Welcome to my blog, this is (obviously) my first post, coming to you from beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico.